Ishyamo (“Ish-ya-mo”) is just the name of the website.

My name is Matt, and unless stated otherwise, all the content on this site is written by me alone.

Map Professional to UX Professional (hopefully)

I'm employed to supply detailed, large-scale Ordnance Survey mapping to customers, and I also provide lightweight technical support for my employer's map system as the main helpdesk/support contact. I've also been directly involved with the work on designing two map systems, and heavily revising another existing system too. Go back far enough, and you will also find I have an Honours degree in 'Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)' ...but that was a very long time ago.

Outside of work I have a strong interest in web design and used to be quite active in the Web Standards community online.
My focus for web design was firmly built around the craft of design, but more than that, I care about designing for users and their needs, after all, I'd been supporting and empathising with users for over 16 years ...this led me to User Experience (UX) design.

I will use the 'ishyamo' site to detail my journey from Map Professional to (hopefully) being a UX Professional.

I'm not there yet, I'm definitely a UX novice in some ways, but if you want to help me get a UX role, or chat about anything, please direct message me over on Twitter.

Aside: I'll also write about numerous other things because I care about a bunch of stuff - not just UX - but yeah, mostly UX.

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